A picture of me

Emelyn Baker. Product Designer. Weirdo.

Hey, I'm Emelyn. I'm currently working on product design at Brit + Co.

Before that, I worked with Bloc, building the product design team as its first designer and, later on, its design manager and lead.

I write, usually about design education. Sometimes people write about me. Often, I'll make a fool of myself, if you ask.

I'm employed full-time, but I'm accepting part-time freelance projects throughout 2017.

Here's some professional work I've done

A screenshot of a mobile-friendly Bloc

Mobile-Friendly Bloc


Improving readability on mobile devices.

Screenshot of the dashboard at Bloc

Progress at Bloc


Visualizing progress to help students stay on-track.

Bloc Landing Pages

2013 – 2016

Various landing pages for an evolving product + start-up

Screenshot of the User Design Center's homepage

Intel's User Design Center


Defining the brand for Intel's internal design consultancy.

And here's some old beloved student work

2013 BFA Data Visualization


Defining 124 graduating art + design students through data.

Shanzhai Digest on an iPad

Shanzhai Digest


A publication + passion project on knock-off Chinese Apple devices.

A New Healthcare Narrative


Imagining an approachable narrative take on healthcare in a three day sprint.

Data Vis: Facebook Friend Rings


Mapping the change of friendship over time through Facebook messages.

Data Vis: ASOIAF


Tracing the movement of 10 major characters throughout the first five books.

Data Vis: Ninth Letter


Designing weirdness for the Midwest's literary magazine.