Intel's User Design Center

The User Design Center provided Intel's PC software group with design solutions involving user research, interaction design, and visual design.

But how can a user-centered design team help if an engineering team doesn't understand user-centered design? With fellow designer Wesley Lauka, I was tasked with demystifying user centered design and showing the value of a well-implemented design solution through the UDC's internal website.

We identified three distinct problems. Engineering partners didn't understand the value of user-centered design. To clarify, we selected a collection of projects that highlighted the success of a well implemented design process.

Interested partners wanted to know more about user-centered design, but didn't know where to start. To help, we created a rich glossary of skills used throughout each project and paired it with definitions and examples of the skill in action.

Even if an engineer was interested in collaborating, the UDC was difficult to contact. To engage, we developed complete profiles of each team member paired with their specialty of choice, forming a more approachable, personable design team.

The final brand emphasized the success that came from uniting the three disciplines of the team. Pairing friendly, clean visuals with technically heavy content resulted in a website that delighted designers and engineers alike.