A Healthcare Narrative

Challenge.gov's Healthcare Record Design Challenged charged us with reconsidering the following: How might we design a more accessible healthcare record? In a two day sprint, our team designed a winning entry that approached healthcare history as a narrative.

After pouring through the sample data of the challenge, we quickly realized the lack of clarity with current text-only medical records, Although inaccessible and nearly illegible, the real problem was the layout. Our sample patient's medical history was full of past events that affected her future; a fall on the ice three winters ago led to chronic ankle pain that she experienced to the present.

Our final prototype emphasized the cause and effect that healthcare has on our daily lives. Details with an impact include color-coding visits (planned checkups versus unexpected emergencies), plain language explanations, and a dead simple medication section that nabbed us a 3rd place medal. You can see our entry, and others, at the d.collab website.